Beautiful Small Home Elevator

1. So what is a small home elevator?
Small household elevator refers to a villa elevator that is installed in a personal house and is only used as the main member of a single family. It can also be installed in a house building that is not used in a single house, as a special tool for entering the residence of a single house, but the masses or other residents in the house building cannot enter and apply.
Villa elevators can be divided according to driving methods: traction villa elevators, hydraulic villa elevators, screw villa elevators, and forced villa elevators.
In fact, 99% of the passenger elevators, medical elevators, cargo elevators, car elevators and villa elevators commonly used in our lives are used in the traction elevator structure. Only a few elevators use screw-type villa elevators or hydraulic villa elevators. .
So what are the advantages of the traction villa elevator?
Compared with hydraulic villa elevator, screw villa elevator, and compulsory drive elevator, the traction villa elevator has a great advantage in terms of operating speed, load capacity, manpower, and comfort. The safety is stable, energy-saving and unmatched by other drives. Therefore, 99% of villa elevators on the market currently use traction villa elevators.
What driving methods can you choose for villa elevators?
Then everyone will first master the principles of the following types of driving methods and their advantages and disadvantages.
1. Traction villa elevator
The principle of the traction villa elevator is the basic principle of stability. The structure of the gantry crane of the villa elevator is one end of the villa elevator and the other is the balance block. The rare earth permanent magnet is used in the middle to carry out the traction belt work. Villa elevators are always in a balanced, stable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving situation. It has good safety factor, stable and comfortable operation, faster speed and low energy consumption. It is the driving method recognized in the villa elevator industry at this stage.
So let's talk about other driving methods.
Working principle of hydraulic household elevator
2. Screw type villa elevator
The basic principle of the screw-type villa elevator is to select the motor as the power device. The motor is connected to the nut according to the transmission belt, and the tooth pattern of the nut is in contact with the male and female teeth of the screw pattern of the extruder. When the motor is working, the screw is driven. The cap moves on the screw of the extruder, which in turn drives the elevator in the villa. The advantage of this type of driving method is high space utilization. But there are also many defects, the operating speed is low (0.3m/s-0.2m/s for all normal villa elevators of 0.15m/s), the noise during operation is very large, because the general import is overseas, so the price market is falsely high and The planned cost varies greatly, and the delivery period is long (usually 6 months). All normal elevator maintenance workers in China are not mature in the structure of this matter, and their spare parts cannot be purchased in the Chinese sales market, resulting in monopoly and Later maintenance costs increase, and once technical problems arise, it is difficult to deal with them immediately.
Schematic diagram of hydraulic household elevator
3. Hydraulic villa elevator
The gear oil is operated by the valve on the electric hydraulic pump, and the upward and downward movement of the villa elevator is completed according to the change of air pressure. The hydraulic villa elevator has a shoulder bag steel frame structure, and another 1.5 square meters of main engine room for gasoline pumps needs to be set up independently. Because the physical characteristics of gear oil are strict to the application working temperature standard, it is necessary to consider the heat removal in summer and heat insulation measures in winter. The gear oil and hydraulic seals at various positions must be replaced on time, and the maintenance cost increases. Once oil penetration is difficult to operate in time, it causes environmental pollution of gear oil, which is not easy to remove and has a long-term smell of organic oil. It is very inconvenient to disassemble and replace the sealing ring. In order to avoid fire accidents, community owners should also require fire extinguishers.
4. Forced drive
The driving method is compulsory driving, without counterweight brake principle. Like the basic principle of crane, the operating speed is low, 0.3M/s, high energy consumption and high noise. Although the indoor space of the elevator shaft is saved a little, the safety factor is very poor. Villa elevators appear to rush or squat across the floor, and the villa elevator cannot stop at all until the galvanized steel rope is broken or the villa elevator hits the concrete floor.